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Saddle Pads for Horses! SaddleRight, Inc. Orthopedic Competition

Saddle Pads for Horses that absolutely solves problems!

Horses "SHOULD" have: Even DIAGONALS - Even LEADS!

Horses "SHOULD" be SUPPLE, Balanced Left and Right!

Horses "SHOULD" have PROPER ATTITUDES! If horse understand your commands, and do not hurt,THEY WILL DO IT!



- The only saddle pad Guaranteed Effective For Life 
Attempts at duplication have been totally unsuccessful! (patented: ONE company in the world)

(((Handmade in the U.S.A.!))) For ANY saddle!! Treeless OK.


  • Stop bucking, bad attitude, cinch and saddling problems, ears back, biting, PULLING ON THE FOREHAND - ETC. !

No dry spots, welts, sores, white hairs

Improve horses' HOCKS and STIFLES


Catch steer, turn, horse won't pull?

Balance horses' leads and diagonals


Horses should maintain flexibility

Refusal is not normal for horses


Horses should not be fractious

Increase horses' back strength


Strengthen horses' top line

Stops horses' Short striding


Stops horses' tail wringing

Stops horses' head tossing


Stops horses' Cross firing

Stops horses' bad attitude



Builds horses' muscles

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Cleaning and Saddling

[Saddles can't Fit ? Why]

[Gel, air, fluid pads don't work]

"Muscles Must build, change, and strengthen, you need saddle pads that enhance and maintain this process."
We do not collect information of ANY kind as you surf our site, read Privacy Statement!

Each shoulder rolls, rises and falls with each step, our pad is made so each side is separate allowing the pad to go with each shoulder causing no drag, friction or pressure on either shoulder REGARDLESS of size or shape! Also, you MUST have your pad and saddle at the horses center of gravity - 1-800-677-6970 no obligation!

YOUNG HORSES: Help prevent back, leg and joint problems.
OLDER HORSES: Helps relieve back, leg, stifle/hock problems.
Click for cause: Why saddles can't fit horses properly.

  • Horses are born asymmetrical. (FACT)!
  • Saddles for horses are made symmetrical. (Attempted)

Asymmetric horses with symmetric saddle can't fit! (FACT) Eliminate saddle pressure from your horse's back PERMANENTLY! DEVELOPS Proper topline

  • Attempts at duplication have been totally unsuccessful!

Blood must circulate evenly, perspiration must evaporate, and weight must be distributed properly. Avoid fatigue, let muscles build and create proper saddle fit.

  • Gel - Air pads may give comfort for riders, but not horses.

See why, click here.

  • Zero stimulation on any part of Neuro lymphatic reflex systems, IS absolutely necessary!

The materials in our pad totally protect specific Neuro lymphatic reflex systems. GEL can't, PUMPS can't, AIR can't, WATER can't, FOAM, open/closed, can't, RUBBER can't, SORBETHANE can't, NEOPRENE can't, only our pad CAN!

This pad has very complex density designs that constantly protect all horses' vital pressure points from saddles.

  • SaddleRight formulated layers of this complex material that protect sensitive trigger points on horses' backs, even under strenuous competition. Constant pressure on these points will inflame certain muscle groups and create less effectiveness, especially pelvic girdle area (rear end), pulling with their forehand, favoring leads and diagonals, among other things. Fluids ? air (under pressure) move away from saddle bars creating MORE pressure. All other materials pack and compress flat, becoming hard and very ineffective. 

Avoid cheap imitation saddle pads! Attempts at duplication have been totally unsuccessful! 

Your horse's saddle pad MUST:

  • Divert shock from horse/rider.
  • Improve/equalize all horse's movements.
  • Keep horse's back COOL!
  • Allow horse's concentration on doing its best, undisturbed by pain and weakness.

Your horse's saddle pad MUST NOT:

  • Allow saddle bars/rider's weight to apply permanent pressure against your horse's back muscles.

Our saddle pads are guaranteed: THEY NEVER compress. THEY DON'T pack down. So, don't buy counterfeits!

  • Only saddle pad With RESALE Value.
  • Only saddle pad With TRADE-IN Value.

Guaranteed protection for horses PERMANENTLY!

Look around for our Saddle Pads - Ask Owners who use them. We continue testing all saddle pads for effectiveness.

Quality ? Time built our reputation. Sales in 50 states and 24 Foreign countries, all by word of mouth. Cannot be compared with ANY saddle pad!
Why saddles can't fit horses properly

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I created this saddle pad that benefits all horses, even though riders are writing us with stories about how much better THEY feel!
Weight Specific: Only one! Hand Made in USA. THERAPEUTICALLY treats your Horse as you Ride! - Summary -
When you establish service, and reputation, you inspire those who would emulate you. SaddleRight, Inc. is number one in reputation, and quality Orthopedic Competition saddle pads. {Saddle pads that actually improve horse's performance.} We have gained this position by offering quality saddle pads for horses since 1986. Our reputation speaks for itself! We will not sacrifice quality for profit. We guarantees all saddle pads effective for LIFE. It will NEVER pack down. It will NEVER compress. It will improve horses performance capabilities all over our world. Original Orthopedic Saddle Pad 1-800-677-6970, Call with any questions; there are no obligations!

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  • Our saddlepads lets horses trot more comfortably ~
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  • Our saddlepads lets horses perform more comfortably ~
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